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Vimvi was founded by entrepreneurs, Mark MacFarlane, Esq. and Justin Fautsch, who understood that the traditional way of transacting real estate was just too expensive. ​


It's time to disrupt the old way of doing things and rebuild the real estate process from the ground up.

Vimvi wants to provide an option to those that know that real estate is too expensive to transact with a traditional real estate agent, and those that don’t.


At Vimvi, our seller's only pay us half the standard commission (1.5%) and we rebate half of the commission the seller has agreed to pay the buyer’s agent.


Vimvi passes on the savings to our sellers so they can keep their hard-earned equity.


To sweeten the deal, Vimvi still offers a full commission to other cooperating agents so your house has every opportunity to be exposed in the market. 

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